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Soft Microfiber Cleaning Cloth



This high-quality microfiber cleaning cloth is very soft and removes dirt with ease. Its water absorbing properties make it perfect for cleaning your bike.

Our step-by-step tutorial will help you achieve the best possible repair. Find it here.

We aim to only sell paints which are so good we would use them on our own bikes. However, if you are unhappy with the result. Please contact us for return instructions.

Rotaris paints are suitable for spraying application, using an air brush or spray gun.

The thinner offered by Rotaris is a gel-like thinner, as recommended by the paint manufacturer.
It is advised against using desalted water for diluting.

Please follow the recommended thinner mixture:

  • Add 10-15% for lighter colours
  • Add 15-20% for darker colours
  • Add 5-10% for clear coat

If you wish to spray a larger area of your frame and require a bigger volume of paint,
please contact our Sales team to get a quote.